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Fields of Activity

  • Company Law
  • Commercial and General Civil Law
  • International Business Law
  • M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Christin Krämer (born Hempel)


  • Studied law at the University of Mannheim and at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden

  • 2015 admitted to the German bar

  • since 2015 Attorney at Tiefenbacher Rechtsanwälte

  • since 2019 Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law

  • since 2019 Equity Partner at Tiefenbacher Rechtsanwälte

  • since 2021 Member of the Executive Board of the Association of Europaen Lawyers

Fields of Activity

  • Corporate Law

    • Incorporation of companies, including choice of legal form

    • Drafting of articles of association

    • Appointment and dismissal of managing directors and board members

    • Shareholders' meetings, general meetings, supervisory board and advisory board meetings

    • Shareholder disputes: Exclusion, withdrawal and compensation of shareholders

    • Change and withdrawal of shareholders

  • Commercial Law

    • Advising on contract drafting, negotiation and structuring

  • M & A

    • Advice, drafting and negotiation of contracts in the event of restructurings and transformations

    • Mergers & Acquisitions in all phases of company acquisition or sale


  • GmbHG.Kommentar.de, together with Tobias Bieber, Commenting on Section 55 GmbHG – Increase in share capital (status: 09.03.2022)
  • Together with Dr. Sebastian Schneider: Consequences of the Brexit for branches of British limited companies, simultaneously: review of BGH, Order as of 16.02.2021 - II ZB 25/17, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Edition 11/2021, 26.05.2021, p. 6 et. sqq. (Only in German)
  • Preserving the ability to act in the pandemic - the virtual general meeting of a German Stock Company is constitutional, simultaneously: review of LG Köln, Order for Reference as of 26.02.2021 – 82 O 53/20, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Edition 14/2021, 07.07.2021, p. 10 et. sqq. (Only in German)
  • The DiRUG comes, simultaneously: review of (EU) 2019/1151 Directive, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Edition 19/2021, 15.09.2021, p. 8, et. sqq. (Only in German)
  • Together with Felix Groppenbächer: Agreement instead of years of litigation - Commencement of the statute of limitations for the compensation claim of an excluded shareholder, simultaneously: review of BGH, Judgement as of 18.05.2021 – II ZR 41/20, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Edition 24/2021, 24.11.2021, p. 6, et. sqq. (Only in German)
  • „I’ll be a competitor“– Resignation of the GmbH shareholder terminates the non-competition clause, simultaneously: review of OLG Nürnberg, Final Judgement as of 14.10.2020 – 12 U 1440/20, Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Edition 8/2022, 13.04.2022, p. 6, et. sqq. (Only in German)


  • Member of the German Bar Association (DAV)
  • Member of the German Association for Inheritance Law and Property Company (DVEV)

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