Corporate Law / M&A

Focusing on your business.

Consulting across all phases of business development

We can assist you from establishing a company to the further development of your business activities, e.g. by providing support for development of sales structures, all the way through expanding your business through acquisitions or subsequent sales and even making arrangements for succession. We can help you choose the right corporate form, prepare the necessary documents (such as articles of association, bylaws, Commercial Register registration documents) for the corporate form you have chosen (e.g. for corporate entities such as a small business company with limited liability (Unternehmergesellschaft), limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH), or stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft, AG), or for partnerships such as a civil-law partnership (Gesellschaft bürgerlichen Rechts) or limited partnerships with a limited liability company as general partner (GmbH & Co. KG)) and assist you with all issues related to corporate law. This also includes, in particular, representing you in court and out of court in disputes between partners or shareholders and providing comprehensive advising services when a company is being liquidated.

Our clients include both shareholders and companies, from individuals to small and mid-sized family businesses and beyond, including publicly traded stock corporations and international corporate groups.

Our services: 

  • Advice on choosing a corporate form
  • Establishing companies and drafting articles of association, including foundation law, as well as associated tax law
  • Restructuring and reorganization
  • Mergers & acquisitions, both national and international, across all phases of the acquisition or sale
  • Advice in connection with IPOs
  • Planning for and arranging the corporate succession
  • Internal disputes within a business enterprise
  • Advice in connection with contracts for managing director services

Our cooperative network of auditors and tax advisors lets us provide businesses with a full range of advising services from a single source, not only on legal matters, but also from a tax perspective.

Finally, our active membership in several international networks of attorneys ensures that we can offer corporate-law advice all over the world. The same is also true of our associated auditors and tax advisors.


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