Healthcare Law


It would be good if legal professionals knew more about what really happens in hospitals and private medical practices.


We can do more than “just” liability law. To us, a doctor or pharmacist is also an entrepreneur. With our specialization in healthcare law, we can provide you with the support you need for any and all legal issues, freeing you to concentrate on your work. Expert service, available throughout Germany – without undesirable complications and side effects.

We speak your language. We know what everyday operations are like in medical practices and how hospitals work. That helps us understand you better. And you can understand more easily what we are talking about.

The personal touch.
To us, you’re more than just a reference number or an invoice. Our top priority is making sure that you not only receive excellent legal services, but also feel that you are personally in good hands. That’s our promise!

Assistance for medical practices

  • Establishing a practice
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Employment agreements for medical and non-medical staff
  • Billing
  • Cost-effectiveness studies
  • Professional laws and regulations
  • Advertising
  • Managing errors
  • Closing or transferring the practice

Representation for hospitals

  • Labor and employment law
  • Law of hospital charges
  • Agreements for head physicians

Liability law

  • Representing the treating side in case of accusations of errors
  • Experience in all medical specialties

Pharmacy law

  • Representation in dealings with government agencies
  • Professional/trade laws and regulations
  • Supplying hospitals and other care facilities


Grit Hofmann
Law office Chemnitz