Insolvency and Restructuring

With more than 30 years of experience in providing advice on insolvency and restructuring, we can assist businesses and entrepreneurs as well as their banks and investors with advice during a financial crisis and provide support during reorganization and restructuring or repositioning. Our insolvency law experts have been appointed to serve as insolvency administrators by a large number of insolvency courts all over Germany for more than 25 years. The expertise we have amassed as part of these activities allows us to provide advice that is rooted in real-world practice. Working together with our experts in labor and employment law, corporate law, tax law, and commercial penal law, we lay the groundwork for successful, lasting corporate changes and greater security for the future.


  • Crisis advice, especially legal review and drafting of reorganization concepts; restructuring
  • Risk analysis and advice for members of the executive management, supervisory board, shareholders and partners
  • Investor negotiations
  • Advice and assistance for investors during business acquisitions before or during insolvency proceedings
  • Restructuring by transfer/business acquisitions during insolvency
  • Assertion of creditors’ interests
  • Advice on restructuring and reorganization
  • Advice on insolvency law and penal law for shareholders, partners, directors and officers
  • M & A during crisis situations and insolvency
  • Reorganization concepts, including integrated business planning, with a review of the reasons for insolvency
  • Advice for creditors during crisis situations and reorganization
  • Business liquidation
  • Restructuring measures under labor and employment law
  • Industry-related advice on reorganization, e.g. in the healthcare sector

We have the staffing and technical resources to implement the reorganization of businesses of all sizes professionally and dependably. Our eight reorganization advisors are supported by a skilled cooperation team. All of our locations are certified.

Our insolvency administrators at the locations in Bayreuth, Berlin, Bremen, Chemnitz, Dresden, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Jena, Leipzig, Neuss, Stuttgart, and Wuppertal have been successfully handling insolvency proceedings for many years.

All of our locations hold DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and InsO 9001:2010 certification in the area of insolvency administration.

For further information on Tiefenbacher’s insolvency administration practice, please visit www.tiefenbacher-insolvenzverwaltung.de


Jürgen Dernbach
Law office Heidelberg

Kerstin Fleissner
Law office Erfurt

Dr. Nils Freudenberg
Law office Dresden

Henry Girbig
Law office Dresden

Frank-Rüdiger Scheffler
Law office Chemnitz

Thorsten Springstub
Law office Erfurt