A good idea is quickly picked up by Imitators…

While you are using your idea to secure and expand on your edge on the market, we secure your market position from a legal standpoint. We also provide you with comprehensive, detailed advice on all areas of intellectual property protection. We develop strategies that protect ideas, assert your rights, defend your rights against infringement by third parties, and represent your interests in court. In all these activities, our actions are always precise, cost-effective, and farsighted.

Our areas of focus:

  • Advising on, drafting, and negotiating German and international contracts and agreements in IT law and intellectual property, including license, use, and transfer agreements.
  • Providing advice and representation during disputes in connection with IT rights and possible intellectual property infringements, especially infringements of copyright, trademark and related rights, and domain rights..
  • Trademark law
    • Advice on development of marks
    • Registration and management of German, European, and international marks
    • Representation in challenge and deletion proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), the German Federal Patent Court (Bundespatentgericht), and the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM), in Alicante, Spain
  •  Law of competition
    • Representation in and out of court in case of warning notices, protective letters, preliminary injunctions, and complaint proceedings
    • Assistance and planning services for advertising and other measures that are sensitive from a competition standpoint
  • Copyright law
    • Developing and providing advice on contracts, agreements, and compensation related to copyright law
    • Assistance with all kinds of disputes, including file sharing cases
  • Design patent law
    • Advice on matters of protection of registered designs
    • Defending against and asserting claims regarding design patent infringements, including non-registered European design law
  • Antitrust law
    • Review of issues relevant to antitrust law and representation during antitrust proceedings 
  • IT law and new media
    • Preparation and negotiation of IT and outsourcing contracts and agreements
    • Designing online shops, including advising on revocation
    • Advice on matters of data protection and privacy


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Law office Heidelberg

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Law office Heidelberg

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