Labor and Employment Law

Do you know where you stand in the labyrinth of labor and employment laws and regulations?


We can advise and support you in preparing for and implementing your labor and employment law decisions. Don’t wait to come to us until it’s too late! Preventive advice from specialized attorneys can help minimize your risks and pay off for you in the end.

Making a decision in labor and employment law often calls for a rapid response. When you work with us, a skilled professional is always ready to help. We will offer a potential solution to your issue within 24 hours.

Maintaining close ties with clients and a spirit of mutual trust and confidentiality are top priorities for us. You will have a specific point of contact within our team. In the background, our specialists will work to meet your needs, crafting the solution that is best and most cost-effective for you.

  • Individual labor and employment law
    In our labor and employment law practice, we always keep the economic and financial ramifications of decisions in mind. From warning notices to dismissals and references – we provide you with farsighted, professional legal advice.
  • Collective labor and employment law
    Working with a works council offers a wealth of opportunities. We can support you as an employer in drafting individual site agreements and negotiating social compensation plans and collective agreements.
  • Human resources for businesses
    We offer more than assistance with individual cases. We also support your HR staff in their day-to-day activities.
  • Mediation
    In labor and employment law in particular, mediation is often more efficient and more cost-effective than resolving a dispute in court. Our trained mediators can help you resolve conflicts.
  • Advice for unusual situations
    Our attorneys have broad-based expertise in all fields of business law, so we can offer you optimum support for cases such as large-scale layoffs, transfers of a business, reorganization and during insolvency.
  • Interdisciplinary advice
    Specific industry expertise in fields such as environmental technology and engineering, construction, financial services, medicine, and pharmaceuticals helps ensure that we understand your needs without a lot of talk, and that you are able to put our experience in these areas to work for you.
  • Training and seminars
    We can design seminars on labor and employment law and in-house training sessions – all specifically aligned to your needs and requirements.


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