Real Estate and Construction Law

Our industry experience:

  • Facilities and systems Engineering
  • Aboveground construction and Engineering
  • Technical building Equipment
  • Belowground construction and Engineering
  • Real estate Transfer
  • Property development, permits and approvals

Our areas of focus:

Drafting of contracts and agreements under civil lawing

  • Work and services
  • General terms and conditions of business
  • Instruments to secure claims
  • Construction firms (consortium/joint venture, developer)
  • Holding and operating companies (PPP)
  • Architects and engineers
  • Project management
  • Purchase and sale of commercial property and facilities
  • Investment agreements, commercial agreements
  • Legal due diligence
  • Energy contracting

Drafting for projects under public law

  • Advice during the public approval process, soil and environmental protection
  • Assistance during permit and approval processes
  • Contract award strategy
  • Assistance with the procedure for awarding contracts

Advice and assistance with construction projects

  • Contract negotiations and negotiations regarding awarding contracts
  • Subject-specific in-house training
  • On-site legal advice and assistance
  • Behavioral tactics, preparing for decisions
  • Project management, escalation levels
  • Safeguarding and asserting claims
  • Claim management, especially in case of disruptions in the construction process
  • Urgent action in case of awarding of contracts (obligations to complain regarding defects or deficiencies)


  • Assertion of claims and defending against claims in court proceedings
  • Urgent court proceedings
  • Independent evidentiary proceedings
  • Administrative protection of rights
  • Protection of bidders, contract award review proceedings
  • Arbitration and mediation proceedings
  • Compulsory enforcement


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