Inheritance Law

Every year a considerable amount of assets are passed on from generation to generation. In order to ensure that the inheritance does not cause a dispute within the family and beyond, we recommend that asset and company succession be settled during the owner’s lifetime. We advise on the best possible testamentary disposition, including taking into account beneficiaries of the compulsory portion.

We also provide proactive and competent advice should action be required or disputes arise following an inheritance and know which steps need to be taken.

In addition, in the event that a person is no longer able to express his or her will as usual, we provide support in advance through the individual drafting of living wills, precautionary powers of attorney and advance directives on care.

Due to the commercial law orientation of our law firm, we are particularly qualified when it comes to taking into account business factors in specific family and inheritance situations. We are a competent partner for questions regarding the preservation or succession of company investments or assets.

Our consulting and representation services in inheritance law

  • Drafting wills
  • Drafting of living wills, precautionary powers of attorney and advance directives on care
  • Dispositions between living persons / anticipated inheritance and transfer agreements
  • Advice to the heir on inheritance law following inheritance
  • Determination of the right of succession
  • Inheritance certificate procedures
  • Execution of a will
  • Conflicts among communities of heirs
  • Claims for compulsory portions and supplements to compulsory portions
  • International inheritance law