Insolvency Law

Insolvency doesn't have to be the end! Many companies use the crisis as an opportunity for sustainable restructuring – with the options of self-administration, the special form of protective shielding procedure (Schutzschirmverfahrens) and the insolvency plan as a basis. Our insolvency administration has the competence and experience to carry out the administration of companies of all sizes reliably and sustainably.

Our experienced insolvency administrators are supported by an expert team of employees. We are successful as lawyers, consultants, trustees and insolvency administrators and work on behalf of courts, banks and companies. Our team has the expertise and experience from more than 3,000 supervised insolvencies to accompany medium-sized companies through all restructuring phases and to make them fit for the future again. We not only provide legal support, but also, together with our network partners, financial and performance support.

Further details can be found on our page: Tiefenbacher Insolvenzverwaltung (Tiefenbacher Insolvency Administration)