Committee of Inquiry Law

We advise state governments, authorities, companies and parliamentary investigative committees on all questions of committee of inquiry law. The German parliament (Bundestag) and the sixteen German state parliaments regularly set up parliamentary committees of inquiry to clarify complex issues using the coercive measures of criminal proceedings. For years, these committees have been in great demand - Amri, NSU, NSA, Cum/Ex, Abgas (exhaust emissions).

Committee of inquiry law is a complex conglomerate of constitutional, criminal procedural and administrative law. The basis of our work is an archive of all court decisions made in the Federal Republic of Germany in the field of committee of inquiry law.

Our consulting and representation services in the field of committee of inquiry law

  • Preparation of expert opinions
  • Advice to state governments, authorities, companies, committees, parliamentary and parliamentary group committees
  • Accompanying witnesses as legal counsel during their interrogation by the Committee of Inquiry