IT Law

We provide support in the age of digitization and new technologies, especially for the implementation of complex IT projects, reviewing and drafting IT contracts, and advising on websites and app and platform services. In addition to data protection and intellectual property law, we advise and represent clients in all areas of information technology law. We contribute our experience to our consulting services, working together with large and medium-sized companies as well as group companies at home and abroad, making IT projects legally secure.

Our consulting and representation services in IT law

  • Drafting of
    • Hardware and software contracts (purchase, rental, leasing, etc.)
    • User/licensing agreements (legal protection of software copyrights)
    • contracts for the sale of hardware and software, open source software, in particular distributor and reseller contracts
    • Care and maintenance contracts
    • Contracts for software as a service (SaaS), service level agreements, cloud solutions, etc.
    • Contracts for IT services, training, etc.
  • Advice on internet law, telemedia law (online platforms, drafting general terms and conditions, user agreements, website checks)
  • Advice in the field of telecommunications with a focus on contract law of telecommunications services and infrastructure contract law as well as customer and data protection
  • Advice in the field of Intellectual Property (IP), with a focus on copyright law
  • Design of compliance concepts in the field of IP, media and IT technology law