Labour Law

We advise and represent domestic and foreign companies on every aspect of individual and collective labour law. We also advise on the drafting and conclusion of consultancy agreements with external service providers and interim managers from a labour law perspective.

We support companies as well as board members, managing directors and executives, from the application and recruitment process to the drafting of employment and service contracts, as well as advising on the existing employment or service relationship up to its termination and settlement, including legal representation and implementation.

We assist companies on labour law issues in mergers & acquisitions. In particular, this support includes due diligence reviews under individual and collective law, advice on labour law implications in purchase agreements for share and asset deals, including the transfer of employment relationships (§ 613a BGB) and the (re-)structuring of working conditions after closing.

A further focus of activity is advising on questions of works constitution law and collective bargaining law. In works constitution law, this concerns support in the establishment of works councils or in the run-up to works council elections, constructive cooperation between employers and the works council, and court disputes between employers and the works council or works council members; in collective bargaining law, the effects of collective agreements on individual companies or employment relationships, the preparation and implementation of withdrawal from collective bargaining arrangements, and the structuring of working conditions after such a withdrawal.

Our consulting and representation services in labour law

  • Individual labour law, in particular
    • Drafting of contracts,
    • Protection against unfair dismissal,
    • Part-time and fixed-term labour law,
    • The General Equal Treatment Act
  • Collective labour law, in particular the drafting and negotiation of works agreements
  • Labour law advice and structuring in connection with mergers & acquisitions
  • Personnel work for companies
  • Labour law in the public sector/civil service law
  • Mediation
  • Data protection in labour law
  • Advice on the drafting and conclusion of consultancy contracts with external service providers and interim managers
  • Advice on the subject of bogus self-employment
  • Advice in exceptional situations
  • Interdisciplinary consulting
  • Training and Seminars