Distribution Law

Our many years of experience enable us to provide sound advice in all areas of distribution law. We carefully analyse the initial situation and develop economically successful concepts on a case-by-case basis.

We represent our clients in-court and out-of-court in asserting or defending contractual claims in connection with distribution systems of all kinds in all sectors.

In the course of globalisation, commercial agency contracts with an international dimension are becoming more and more important. Problems often arise with regard to the commercial agent's claim for compensation after termination of the contract. Within the EU, commercial agents are entitled to compensation under Directive 86/653/EEC. Outside the European Union there is more room for manoeuvre. We also support our clients, both contractors and commercial agents, on a cross-border basis with our international network partners.

Our advisory and representation services in distribution law

  • Structuring and development of distribution systems
  • Drafting of commercial agent and authorised dealer contracts
  • Calculation and assertion of compensation claims according to § 89b HGB (German Commercial Code)
  • Legal assessment, advice and representation in connection with non-compete obligations
  • Out-of-court and in-court representation in disputes with competitors and contractual partners
  • Advice and legal protection in connection with commissions, settlements and notices of termination