Tax Law

We advise and represent our clients in all questions of tax law and organizational development - from the foundation, through the growth phase, to the sale of shares or the transfer of the company to the next generation. The focus of our advice is the individual situation of the entrepreneur or the company.

Our professional experience extends in particular to the areas of media, IT, and services as well as the food and real estate sectors. From this basis we support our clients individually, efficiently, and in a target-oriented manner in the restructuring of existing business areas, the optimization of structures and the implementation of innovative business ideas.

In an increasingly fast, complex and international business environment, we offer interdisciplinary and international advice, with the assistance of our network partners when appropriate.

Not everything which is economically expedient finds favour with the tax authorities or is legally straightforward to implement. We therefore work multidimensionally to prepare more informed decisions, to assess any risks, and to exploit opportunities.