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Fields of Activity

  • Insolvency Law

Dr. Nils Freudenberg


  • Born in 1974
  • Studies of Law with the Technichal University of Dresden
  • 2002 admitted to the German Bar
  • Since 2002 Attorney at Tiefenbacher Attorneys
  • 2005 Dissertation on the subject enforcement in personal rights („Zwangsvollstreckung in Persönlichkeitsrechte") at the Technichal University of Dresden
  • Since 2006 Appointment as expert witness, insolvency administrator and trustee
  • Since 2011 Partner at Tiefenbacher Attorneys
  • Since 2018 Lecturer at the Technichal University of Dresden

Fields of Activity

  • Insolvency Law
    • Insolvency administration and administration of assets in judicial restructuring proceedings of any magnitude
    • Sanierungsberatung


  • Das Anfechtungsrecht in der Insolvenz, Dr. Nils Freudenberg/Henry Girbig, NJ 10/13 Seite 397-440
  • Monografie „Zwangsvollstreckung in Persönlichkeitsrechte", Nomos-Verlag 2006
  • Regular Comments on Judgments in the legal journal “EWiR”
  • Co-author of the Münchner Kommentar zur Insolvenzordnung, 4. A., responsible for the preliminary remarks to § 129 bis 134 InsO


  • Leipziger Insolvenzrechtsforum e.V.


  • City Schutz GmbH Chemnitz (security industry), employee restructuring transfer of 40 employees
  • Fischer Eis GmbH Gelenau, ice cream producer, employee restructuring transfer of 20 employees
  • Pflegedienst Strusina Kirchberg, employee restructuring transfer of 48 employees
  • Saxonia Leasing GmbH Plauen, Leasing Company, 8 employees
  • Spedition Alfred Wedlich Bayreuth, 181 employees
  • Paatz Viernau GmbH, 133 employees, maintaining restructuring through insolvency plan
  • Papierfabrik Hainsberg, Freital, 120 employees, maintaining restructuring through insolvency plan
  • Freitaler Metall- und Anlagenbau GmbH, 48 employees, restructuring transfer
  • Geha Mühlen GmbH, Weißenberg, 5 employees, restructuring transfer
  • FuBus Plus 1. Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH, Dresden, Utilization of a real estate package in the seven-digit range
  • MERA Fassadenbau GmbH, Leipzig, 90 employees, Continuation of operations in insolvency proceedings, 466 Creditors

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